Need to get on the web?

My web design service will appeal to you if you:

  • Simply want a basic, brochure-style website that's clean, professional-looking, and mobile-friendly.
  • Don't have the time to make your own website, but also don't need a big company to custom-code it for you.
  • Are self-employed, or understaffed, and need some help to establish or improve your online presence.
  • Want help from someone who listens to what you need, explains what you're getting, and responds to your inquiries promptly.
Responsive websites

Examples of websites I've created

Here are snapshots of the home pages from some of the websites that I've built for small businesses and charities. It's a real pleasure for me to be able to contribute to their success by helping them get their messages online quickly, effectively, and affordably.

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What you can expect it to cost

As with most creative work, the exact cost for your new website will depend on what you need. For those who just need a simple website, I do offer Starter design packages that start at CAD $800. For more complex needs, custom quotes are also available. 

Package 1: Get a Starter Basic website, starting at CAD $800

Perfect if you just need a simple, professional online presence. I start with a template that you choose, and modify it to show your content, colours, and branding. Contact me for details on what's included.

Package 2: Get a Starter Plus website, starting at CAD $1200

Better if you would like more customization of the design, or some additional marketing and SEO features and capabilities. Contact me for details on what's included.

Package 3: Get a Starter E-Commerce website, starting at CAD $1800

This package gives you a simple, professional design and a basic online store area to sell products on your website. Contact me for details on what's included.

Need more? Get a custom quote

Need a website with more custom design options than my Starter packages offer? Contact me to get a no-obligation quote for your specific web design needs.

My WordPress website maintenance service

I'll be using WordPress to build your site, and WordPress websites require regular attention: updates, backups and maintenance to make sure that everything stays current and secure. You will likely also want to make additions or changes to the contents of your website from time to time.

You can of course do all the updating and editing yourself (if you know WordPress), and I'll be happy to advise you on how to maintain and edit your own website. But if you'd rather let me worry about it instead, here are the options that I offer once I've built your website:

Option 1: Get me to do quick updates, anytime for CAD $17.50 per 1/4 hour

With this option, we don't have a maintenance contract. You just email me whenever you'd like me to make changes to your site, or check for WordPress updates, or fix any problems. My hourly rate is CAD $70, but I track my time in 15-minute increments, so you can get me to do even minor edits or additions to your site anytime without worrying about "minimum time" charges every time.

Option 2: Get a Regular Maintenance Plan for CAD $840 $500 per year

This is the best worry-free choice if you're too busy with your own business to go anywhere near the Admin dashboard of your website yourself. With this option, you're retaining me to spend up to 1 hour a month (which would normally cost $840/yr at $70/hr) making edits and regular updates to your website. I'll keep you informed about the updates and edits I make on your site, and if you request any work that exceeds the time included in the maintenance contract, I'll send you an estimate and await your approval before proceeding.

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