Need an interview-style or how-to video?

My video production service will appeal to you if you:

  • Need an interview-style video or a how-to (explainer) video made for your company or organization.
  • Want a video that's better quality than you can make with a phone, but also don't need a full film crew.
  • Just need a simple, straightforward video that looks and sounds great, and gets your message across clearly.
  • Are located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Examples of videos I've created

I started making interview-style videos and how-to videos in 2002, and I still love doing it. Since I usually work alone, I use a simple setup: just enough camera, lighting, and audio equipment to make you, the on-camera spokesperson, look and sound great.

Some people are a bit nervous to get in front of the camera, so I try to create a very easy, low-pressure environment: I can coach you on your delivery, I'm happy to do as many takes as we need to get the one you like, and I can set up a teleprompter if you're more comfortable reading from a prepared script.

Here are a few examples of videos I've made for my clients and employers over the years:

What you can expect it to cost

As a solo freelancer, I'm able to keep my charges for video work affordable for most small businesses and charities. They are as follows:

For a video shoot at your location (within the GTA):

Half day: CAD $350 (for up to 4 hours, including set up, pack up and travel time).
Full day: CAD $650 (for 4-8 hours, including set up, pack up and travel time).

For video editing, to prepare your final video from the footage that we shot:

Half day: CAD $250 (for up to 4 hours).
Full day: CAD $450 (for 4-8 hours).

We'll begin by discussing your video project by phone, Zoom or email. Once I know your needs for the final video (length, format, additional graphics or subtitles required, etc.), I'll be able to tell you whether the editing will require a half day, a full day, or longer.

Additional time

After we've agreed upon the initial price and started the work, if you request any additional edits, changes or versions of the video, I'll be happy to estimate the time required to do that additional work for you, at an hourly rate of CAD $65.

My COVID-19 safety plan

Getting your message out by video is important, but not important enough to risk loss of health during a pandemic. Therefore, for our time together at the shoot, I will:

  • Provide you with my proof of vaccination, and ask you and any others involved in the shoot to do the same. I regret that I will not be able to work with anyone who is not fully vaccinated.
  • Wear a mask during the shoot, and ask you and your team members to do so as well. Properly worn masks (covering nose and mouth) are required by all. We can discuss making an exception for the on-camera presenter while he or she is being filmed, if they prefer to present without a mask and if they are fully vaccinated, in a well-ventilated area, and at least 6 feet away from others. 
  • Refrain from shaking hands, and keep a minimum distance of 6 feet or more from everyone at the shoot. I have camera lenses that will allow me to record your presenter from a safe distance.
  • Provide your presenter with instructions ahead of time showing them how to attach my lapel (lavalier) microphone to their clothing and to my audio recorder. This will allow them to do so alone, without requiring me to interact with them at close range.

If your team's COVID-19 safety plan has more stringent requirements, such as needing all participants to do a rapid test before the shoot, I will be very happy to comply. Please let me know what additional steps you require to ensure that our video shoot is risk-free.

After the shoot, the subsequent editing and delivery of your video pose no COVID-related risk to you, because I do the editing work alone in my office, and deliver the final product to you online.

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