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What gives your message its greatest strength? More than anything else, it’s the wording that you use.

Great writing makes all the difference. That’s why Hollywood has screenwriters, elected officials have speechwriters, and big companies have copywriters. When your wording is carefully crafted, you have a rock-solid foundation for all of your company’s communications.
You know your business or organization better than anyone. But you may not be the best person to articulate its strengths – that is, to write your own marketing copy. Tell me what you’re proud of, and I’ll help you craft the very best wording to describe and promote your products, services and ideas.

Our writing service

 Find the right words

I'll help you find the words that express your message clearly and eloquently.

Best Light’s writing services are provided by me, Frank Herr. I have over 30 years of experience helping a wide variety of businesses and not-for-profit organizations to craft their messages, clarify their communications, and connect more effectively with their readers. On their behalf, I've written corporate profiles, mission statements, aims and objectives, brochures, product sheets, news releases, case studies, newsletters, blog posts, ad copy, company slogans, video scripts, user manuals, direct mail copy, and even a promotional children’s book.
Great writing attracts new customers, promotes customer loyalty, and inspires your own team members. It's worth the investment to have your marketing copy crafted with care, because it's usually the first point of contact that your customers will have with your company. Having well-written copy is an essential part of making a good and lasting impression.
In every piece that I write, I strive first and foremost for clarity. With a tone that blends enthusiasm and accuracy, I find the words that best articulate your company’s strengths and show you in the best light.

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Types of writing, and examples of our work

I can craft all of the types of writing that your company needs.

 All types of copywriting
Not sure what kind of writing you need? In my experience, most small businesses benefit from having the following types of written material:

Case studies

Case studies are your success stories. They're especially effective because they tell a positive story about a customer’s experiences and satisfaction with your product or service.

Special offer: get a case study written for your company (up to 1,000 words) in one week for CAD $700.

Examples of case studies that I've written:


There are many instances when a specific product, service, idea or organization can best be summarized in a brochure. For example, for many small companies it's very useful to have a corporate profile brochure – your summary of who you are, what you do and, perhaps most importantly, what sets you apart.

Examples of multi-page brochures that I've written:

News releases

For activities that are newsworthy, a well-written news release is a good way to announce and attract media attention to your news or event.

Examples of news releases that I've written:

Product sheets

Also called ‘sales sheets’, these are the hand-outs that describe and explain each of your products or services in detail.

Examples of product sheets that I've written:

Online copy

This includes everything you put in your web pages, blog posts and newsletters, as well as the information that you send out via social media.

Examples of online writing that I've done include most of the copy on this website, as well as most of the copy on this website.


Advertising copy. Business letters. Poster headings. Slogans. Mission statements. Video scripts. In every way that your company communicates, you’ll make a better impression if the language that you use is consistently well crafted.

If you have an important message and you're having trouble putting it into words, please contact me. I'll help you to make it clear and compelling.


Our editing service

 Our editing service

My edits can help make your existing written material sparkle.

Do you already have some marketing material that you're not entirely happy with? If so, consider using our editing services. I focus on improving the clarity, eloquence and effectiveness of your messaging.

In addition to my many years of writing experience, I also have the advantage of viewing your communications with the same fresh eye that your potential customers will have. This puts me in the ideal position to see how your writing should be edited to ensure that everyone will understand it.

Six good reasons to use my editing services:

  1. To make your messaging more effective.
  2. To clarify and explain concepts that you’re too close to.
  3. To improve the eloquence of your written pieces.
  4. To give your communications the right tone.
  5. To ensure that you stay both credible and enthusiastic.
  6. To correct any mistakes in your spelling and grammar.

Whether you’d like me to edit a single sentence, an entire manuscript or anything in between, please don’t hesitate to contact me.