Best Light video production services

You don’t need actors or a big budget to get great videos on your website.

Videos are everywhere on the web now. There’s no reason that small businesses like yours can’t also take advantage of this very effective way to get your message out.

Videos are a very engaging and direct way to deliver your message straight to the computer monitors and mobile devices of your target audience, wherever they may be in the world. Not that long ago, only the bigger companies could afford to make professional-looking promotional videos. But today’s digital tools make video production affordable for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations as well.

Let Best Light help you get high-quality HD videos onto your website. We specialize in creating short, simple, interview-style videos, and we’d love to make one for you.


Filming your videos

You bring the experts, and we’ll bring the camera.

 Filming videos in Toronto

Filming you

If you’re located in the Greater Toronto Area, we can film your spokesperson on location. We keep it simple, and concentrate on a few key aspects to ensure that your videos look professional: great audio, good lighting, a nicely composed shot, and that nicely blurred background that looks so good in movies.

In interview-style videos, you provide the most important ingredient: the on-camera experts. They don’t have to be actors or public speakers. To be convincing, the polish of their delivery is not nearly as important as their ability to speak knowledgeably and confidently about your products, services or ideas.

A relaxed filming process

Most people experience a certain degree of self-consciousness in front of the camera. To make it easier, we can:

  • Coach them on their delivery during the filming process;
  • Do as many retakes as they need or want;
  • Provide notes or a full script if they’d like topic reminders;
  • Provide a teleprompter if they’d prefer to read a script; and/or
  • Film them in a more casual conversational style, speaking to an off-camera interviewer instead of directly into the lens.


Our job is to provide your on-camera experts with the support that they need to put them at ease and let them demonstrate their knowledge naturally and confidently.

Examples of our videos

Here are just a few examples of simple, interview-style videos that we've filmed, edited and posted for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Click on each thumbnail to view the video on YouTube:

If you would like interview-style videos for your organization, please contact us to discuss details and to obtain a quote.


Editing your videos

 Send us your footage for editing

Already filmed your interviews? Send us your footage and we'll edit it to produce your completed video.


If you’ve done your own filming but don’t have the time or software to edit and produce the final version of your video, just send us your footage on a USB drive, miniDV tape or SD card, or via a cloud-based file-sharing service like DropBox or Google Drive. Tell us the message that you’d like to get across, and the desired length of the video, and we’ll put together the most compelling story from the footage that you provide.

Here’s an example of a promotional video that we edited and produced from images and footage provided by our client:



We also wrote the script for this video, which is another service that we provide.



Posting your videos

We’ll post your video on your website. And on your YouTube channel or Vimeo profile, if you have (or want) one.

 Posting videos on the web

Once your video is filmed and edited, we can post it on the web for you. We’ll embed it directly on your web site, in an optimized format that can be viewed on all desktop and mobile device platforms.

Get your own online video channel

We can also upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo. If you don’t yet have a YouTube channel or a Vimeo account, we’ll be happy to discuss those options with you, and whether they’ll benefit your business. If you decide that you’d like a presence on either site, we can help you set one up, according to your preferences.

Here's an example of a YouTube channel that we set up for one of our clients:

And here’s our own small Vimeo profile page, just to give you an idea of what that looks like in case you're not familiar with it:

Ready to make videos for your website? Contact us for a free quote.