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It’s only three letters long, but its misspellings are rampant on the web.

This post is for: anyone who isn’t sure when to use “its” and when to use “it’s”

I’m not proud of it, but I can’t help it: my brain hurts every time I see the word “its” spelled incorrectly on the Internet. I’m on the Internet a lot. My brain hurts a lot.  :-)

Wisdom dictates that you can’t change everything that you don’t like in the world, but you can change your reaction to it. I’m working on that.  In the meantime however, I hereby humbly offer the following two quick and easy-to-remember rules of thumb as my small contribution towards ridding the Internet forever of all misspellings of the word “its”. It’s a thankless job, but someone’s gotta do it.

On the topic of “its vs. it’s”, this is neither official nor the final word, but I do believe that these two little rules will get you through to the right choice at least maybe 95% of the time.

its“Its vs. It’s” Rule of Thumb #1:
There is no apostrophe if you mean to say “belonging to it”. For example: “Pack the camera and its accessories.”

“Its vs. It’s” Rule of Thumb #2:
There is an apostrophe if your sentence also makes sense when you replace “it’s” with “it is” (“It’s a nice day”), or with “it has” (“It’s been a nice day”).

You can test both of these rules on the title of this post.

Now if you can just help me contact everyone who has ever misspelled the word “its” on the Internet, I’d really appreciate it.  Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.   :-)

This post was written by: Frank Herr

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