For interview-style videos, you want that great blurred background look

This post is for: small business owners who post interview-style videos online.

Want your interview-style videos to look more professional? If so, have you ever analysed what makes close-ups of actors look so great on television and in movies?

Of course, the amazing lighting and the thousands of dollars of state-of-the art filming equipment has a lot to do with it.  But have a look around the actor: more often than not, everything in the background is out of focus. As TV and movie watchers, we’re so used to that look that we don’t really even notice it most of the time. But putting the subject in sharp focus and everything around him or her out of focus makes the subject look more important, doesn’t it? It focuses the viewer’s attention, and to a certain extent it simulates natural vision, because our eyes tend to convey very detailed visual information to us about what we’re looking at directly, and less precise information about the things around it that are in our peripheral vision. Continue reading

3 ways to put non-actors and shy people at ease in front of the video camera

This post is for: businesses and organizations who want to make videos using their own people in front of the camera

Because video is so popular on the web now, and such an effective way to get your message across, more and more business owners and company representatives are being called upon to speak in front of a camera.  But not everyone is comfortable there.  In fact, most of us are self-conscious to some degree when we have to speak in public, whether it’s to a group or to a camera.

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Make your videos more professional with better audio

This post is for: anyone filming their own videos for their website

Lots of cameras and phones can now film high definition video, so you might decide to make your own videos for your company’s website or YouTube channel.  That’s great, and you can get professional-looking results if you pay close attention to certain aspects of the filming process.  One area that you might overlook, however, is the quality of the audio that you’re recording.   Continue reading