Get a new case study for your company. I'll interview your customer and write the story for you in just one week.

success stories

Case studies are your company's success stories. Put those stories on your website, or print them out for distribution, and they can inspire others to also buy your products and services.

No time to create your own case studies? Hire me to write your next one. I'll interview your customer by phone or Skype and write up the story for you. You'll have a new case study in your hands just one week after the interview.

The cost:

CAD $700 (plus applicable taxes for Canadian customers)

What you'll get:

An interesting, convincing, well-written, 600-to-1000-word written case study, in Microsoft Word or Google Doc format.

The benefits for your company:

A well-written story about your customer's positive experience can boost interest and purchases by other customers. Hiring me to write it for you saves you time, and ensures a professional level of quality. It may also give your customer a chance to speak more candidly and enthusiastically than he or she might to you directly.


The writing:

Your case study will be written with clarity, eloquence, and credible enthusiasm. I believe that the best way to tell a marketing story is to present the truth in the best light. And the best way to sell to today's informed consumer is to be generous with information, and helpful in pointing out the real benefits of a great product or service.


The writer:

Your case study will be written by me, Frank Herr. I'm a copy writer and born communicator with over 30 years of writing, public speaking, and marketing experience. Over the years I've written numerous case studies, corporate profiles, mission statements, brochures, product sheets, news releases, newsletters, blog posts, ad copy, company slogans, video scripts, user manuals, direct mail copy, and even a promotional children’s book. Examples of my writing, including several case studies, can be found on our writing page.


$100 discount for additional case studies about the same product:

Have more than one "happy customer" story to tell about the same product? Get me to write several case studies and pay only $600 for each additional interview & story. This saving represents the amount of background research and interview prep time already done on the first case study, so it applies only to additional stories that are about the same product or service, for the same company.



If you're not satisfied with the first draft, I'll revise the writing to address your concerns. If you still aren't happy and you decide (and agree) not to use the case study that I wrote for you, I won't charge you.


Price: $700 CAD


  • Telephone interview with you to discuss the customer, story & format (up to 1 hour);
  • Research on the customer and story (up to 1 hour);
  • Preparation of interview questions;
  • Telephone interview with your customer (up to 1 hour);
  • Written case study, delivered in MS Word format (600-1000 words);
  • 1 round of revisions (if necessary) based on your feedback of the first draft.

Not included (but available at an extra charge if needed):

  • Additional interviews, research, writing or revisions;
  • Posting the case study on your website;
  • Graphic design or formatting of the final written piece.

Need more (or less) than what's in this package? Contact us to get a custom quote.