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Digital is fantastic, but print isn’t dead yet! Especially if you go to conferences or other meetings where you can hand out your information in person. A well-designed brochure is still a very effective way for a small business to deliver its message.

There’s also value in having electronic versions of your brochures, usually prepared as PDFs. You can offer them for viewing or download on your web site, and you can also send them out by email.


Our brochure design service

Whether you need brochures, e-brochures or other types of print material, we can help. Like our website designs, Best Light’s print designs focus first and foremost on clarity. The visuals and the copywriting both serve your message, which is – and always should be – the true star of the show.

Here are some examples of brochures that we’ve designed:

Brochure design example 1

Lotek Wireless Inc. makes some of the smallest and most sophisticated animal-tracking devices in the world today. They needed an annual report-like brochure that told readers what they do and why they do it. We designed this 28-page booklet for them, and wrote the copy as well.

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Brochure design example 2

DynaSCAPE makes fantastic software for landscape professionals. They needed a simple one-pager to introduce their Sketch-3D product. We used their existing branding elements and the gorgeous output from their software to create this flyer.

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Brochure design example 4

Coyote Software Corporation creates custom-tailored software solutions for service-oriented workplaces. They required a one-pager that introduced their readers to their consulting services on the front, and reminded them of their main software solutions on the back.

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Brochure design example 5

TTUFF Technologies is a world leader in the supply of small form factor digital signage drive systems. After we redesigned their website, they needed a similar redesign of their product sheets, using the same look and branding elements that their new site uses.

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Electronic versions of brochures

As the examples above demonstrate, almost any print design can also be converted into a PDF and used as an e-brochure. Even if you don't need printed brochures, we can design your literature exclusively as e-brochures, to post on your website or to email to prospective clients. Here is one example of an e-brochure that we designed for use in digital format only:
E-brochure design example

Coyote Software's flagship product for health and social service agencies is called CaseWORKS. They often email this e-brochure to agencies that express interest in their software, and report that it has consistently been a very effective sales tool for them. Since many of Coyote's own programs promote a paperless office approach, it made sense for them to not print this brochure out, but to disseminate it in digital format instead.

This sample is best viewed within Acrobat Reader (rather than within your web browser). It defaults to full-screen viewing, and includes navigation links at the bottom of each page, as well as a fully clickable table of contents.

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Other print material

We can also help you with the design of your product sheets, case studies, advertisements, posters or trade show booth material. Here are some examples of other types of printed material that we’ve designed: (click each to see details)